Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You planned to ride him all the way to Hokkaido!?

Whoops no new chapter for almost three weeks and now all I've got to show are these two....
Sorry sorry, I just wanted to upload this arc in pairs....

ch.142: MF
ch.143: MF

I hope I can finish another chapter this week, but don't expect too much!

Btw it's Usuta's birthday on the 25th! Write him some nice things on his twitter
Naturally I'll leave him some birthday greetings again, like the embarrassing gaijin I am.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something that looks like a dead grandma, you see

Has it really been a year already...! Well after the christmas chapter there needs to be a new year's chapter of course!

ch.141 : MF

Btw, some random information, since a new year in the Jaguar universe started, Piyohiko is around 19-20 right now, while Jaguar is about 22.