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CH.61 : Welcome Back, John Dayu!

CH.62 : The One Who Broke My Heart
CH.63 : The Yakiniku “I’m Okay” Roulette
CH.64 : For Some Reason Or Other, Those Two Are In A Good Mood
CH.65 : Charging Squad Nyaa Team
CH.66 : Aura Battle Ban Dain
CH.67 : So Then Where Are You Going
CH.68 : Lights, Camera, Idol
CH.69 : The Dream Filled Lenient Confinement Park
CH.70 : Lenient Confinement Shopping Showdown!
CH.71 : An Informative Manga ~ The World Of Mania
CH.72 : Leave The Hiphop To Me
CH.73 : Jumping To Tomorrow
CH.74 : The Piyohiko You See Only Once In 2-3 Months
CH.75 : The Good Catch Idiot Diary
CH.76 : There’s Simply Too Many Specialist Tems In The Fishing World
CH.77 : The Good-Idiot Idiot Diary
CH.78 : We Started A Doujinshi
CH.79 : Almost Infinitely Transparent Father
CH.80 : Don’t Stick Out, Sticky! Part 1
CH.81 : Don’t Stick Out, Sticky! Part 2
CH.82 : Don’t Stick Out, Sticky! Part 3
CH.83 : Midsummer Clown, A Requeim Dedicated To Pogey

CH.84 : Pitiful Us
CH.85 : Make Up To Tomorrow
CH.86 : The Excitement Of When You Suspect Something, And Everything Else Starts To Look Suspicious
CH.87 : It’s Illegal To Paste Leaflets On Telephone Polls
CH.88 : Flying Blood
CH.89 : Pyuu To Fuku Tsunko
CH.90 : Newcomer Artist
CH.91 : Isn’t It Bad If Everyone’s Worthless?
CH.92 : Piyopiyo Memories
CH.106 : Fly! Piyohiko!
CH.110 : I Am Hama~
CH.114 : Flowery Paradise
CH.122 : Hustler Piyohiko
CH.127 : We Aren't Stupid
CH.128 : Dipping Time
CH.130 : The City Hall Cafeteria, Huh? So You've Been There A Lot?
CH.131 : A Whirling Passion
CH.136 : Uncovered...


CH.154 : Next You're Going to Say "Eeeh- Who's that!? There's some weird guy right by the front door!!"
CH.156 : Massive Youth Heart Throbbing Typhoon
CH.157 : It's What You'd Call The One And Only Feint
CH.159 : The Result of a lot of Things Happening
CH.161 : Call Forth! Recorder Man
CH.162 : This property is a single-family house with a nice elevated view in the direct suburbs of T.O.K.Y.O.
CH.164 : To save this planet
CH.168 : Aren't we all just in a way some CG that's been programmed by God?


CH.171 : Popped Collar Hospitalized Patient JUNICHI
CH.173 : Hot Hot Sticky ~ Miruku
CH.175 : The 7th Pig Festival in 4 years
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ch.195: What were we even talking about!?


  1. I have a request if you guys can pick up Ping Pong club by Furuya Minoru, please?

    1. I'm sorry, we're already busy enough with just Jaguar.

  2. Hello, link in chapter 150 not working